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Testing for WDS

The service request for Permit of Wastes Disposal (Hazardous/Trade Wastes/Unwanted Materials) enable the customer to obtain environmental permit of waste disposal that are generated from all establishments excluding domestic waste and garbage, this service is mandatory and eligible by all the concerned companies This service is provided by Environment Department. This services are to ensure proper and environmentally safe disposal of trade wastewater.

The Dubai Municipality waste management department emphasised that discharge of trade waste which has quality parameters exceeding the limits specified in permits to the Dubai Municipality Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is illegal and liable for penalty. It added that it is the responsibility of both generator and the transporter of the waste to comply with standards specified and to avoid any illegal mix-up of wastes.

The penalties and fines schedule attached to Resolution No (14) of 2015 revokes the penalties and fines schedule attached to Administrative Resolution No (30) of 2007 include wrong disposal of hazardous waste, building and demolition waste and industrial waste. Pursuant to the new resolution, improper disposal of wastewater is subject to heavy fine. And improper disposal of used oils in the public sewage network, cesspools or roads is subject to similar fines.

Analysis required for the waste Disposal Permit shall be carried out from Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC) approved Laboratory.

The types of samples analysis by CORE Laboratory are as follows:

  • Waste Water
  • Hazardous Waste Water
  • Treated Water
  • Waste Sludge
  • Waste Liquids
  • Waste Acids
  • With links to Type of samples