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As the requirement for land for housing, retail, office and industrial development continues to grow, there is a real need for developers to use sites previously used for industrial purposes. These sites may not have been subject to the rigorous environmental legislation that applies today, resulting in the possibility of various levels of contamination. It is necessary, therefore, to conduct a contaminated land survey for these types of site

CORE Laboratory provides accurate, detailed soil analysis for government, industrial, agricultural, engineering and consulting clients.  Soil testing measures the overall composition of the soil, including the nutrient content, contaminants,  trace minerals, acidity or pH level of the soil.

Our experienced staff has the expertise to perform the analyses you require. We work with agricultural, industrial, government, engineering and consulting clients for our soil testing. Some of the soil testing we offer includes:

  • Soil nutrient tests to determine the fertility, or growth potential, of the soil
  • Toxicity tests prior to construction
  • Periodic toxicity tests for chemical or processing plants to identify potential leaks of materials

A soil test will tell you what nutrients are in your soil and what you may need to add (in the form of fertilizer) for successful crop growth. Plants need nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (macronutrients) as well as micronutrients to grow. Deficiency or excess of these elements will impact the health and productivity of plants. In addition, the pH (acid/alkaline level) of your soil has an impact upon how much of your soil’s nutrients your plants will be able to use.

We have significant experience within the field of soil analysis. Soil projects span a number of matrices and are often unique in their analysis requirements. These analyses are often used for Environment monitoring, resource consent purposes and one-off projects.

Soil may become contaminated with a wide variety of chemicals, e.g. hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and pesticides to name a few.
Soil testing is generally conducted via a consultant as they can provide interpretation of results and give advice on sample collection methods, however, if you require soil testing for your own interest, then please contact us directly for a quotation.