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Sustainability Statement

CORE Laboratory takes pride in aspiring to be the industry leader for environmental testing and data deliverables. Our services enable clients to make business decisions that positively impact the environment, the importance of which is not overshadowed by CORE Laboratory commitment to operating in an environmentally conscious manner. In response, CORE Laboratory obligates itself to achieving sustainable financial returns and respecting the environment and community within which we work and live.

Sustainability by definition is inherently broad. CORE Laboratory follows a sustainability framework that ensures the company operates in a manner that achieves financial success through the practice of environmental stewardship, ethical leadership and by embracing our role as corporate citizen in the communities where we work. The foundation blocks of the CORE Laboratory Sustainability Framework include:

Governance, Ethics and Compliance: Operating in a responsible and ethical manner in accordance with our ethics policy and the law, promoting ethical sales and purchasing practices;

Employees: Providing a rewarding, diverse, and inclusive workplace for employees;

Environment, Health and Safety: Capitalizing on the inherent financial and social benefits stemming from sound environmental practices and a safe and healthy workplace;

Supply Chain: Working with suppliers to improve their social and environmental performance and cooperatively seeking opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint relative to the delivery of services to CORE Laboratory and clients;

Public Policy: Working with governments, regulators and policymakers to improve the quality of analytical methods ensuring the consistent delivery of legally defensible data.

Our employees work to integrate sustainable solutions within every business division, every service category and every department of our operations. Sustainability is integral to and embedded within all our actions and the service we provide