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Keep Environment First

We specialize in carries out analysis on Waste Water, Potable Water, Ground, Marine Water, Soil, Sediments, Noise & more…

keep environment safe

Testing for WDS

The service request for Permit of Wastes Disposal…

Environmental Monitoring

We maintains a number of instruments and devices to monitor ambient air…

Marine, Soil, Ground Water Analysis

We specializes in the testing analysis of Marine, Creek & Freshwater.

About CoreLab

Through strategic investment in people, technology, capital equipment and infrastructure, the CORE Laboratory has been developed as one of the leading environmental testing company.  Our unique combination of experience and expertise is backed by recognized industry experts and an unprecedented scale of analytical services that address an extensive range of environmental applications.

CORE Laboratory is a leading provider of critical analytical support services to both public and private sector clients and the consulting and engineering firms that support them. 

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